My camera

The Sony Alpha 6300 is the weapon I choose almost everytime. The mirrorless handy cam is perfekt for me for filming. (For bigger productions I rent “bigger” cameras or a camera operator with his camera).

My Sony Alpha 6300

4k with 25fps (or 30 fps in ntsc) and up to 100 fps (120 fps) in full hd. So you can zoom in (in full hd) or get some epic slomtions. I like this :-).

I also like the color spaces you can change in different (light) situations – perfect for editing.

The only thing not so perfect is the menu. I dont know who created this – but I hate you! 😉. It has taken me a long time finding/understanding (almost) everything.

As you can see I installed a SMALL RIG cage and a wooden handle for better handling and protection and to get some more gear “on” the camera (microphone, extra display,…). I bought the Sony just for filming but I more and more like taking pictures with this little (little) camera.

My lens

Together with the alrounder lens from Sony the 16-70 mm f/4 you have a perfect set for most of the shoots you make.


My gimbal

First I have to say. I love my gimbal. Because the Zhiyun Crane 2 is so precise and easy to handle that I take it everyware where I need smooth walks or walkbys (watch the Blockheads with “Stay the night” that was its first use). For transportation (and flying) I simply put it in my bagpack – I show you later how ;-).


The Zhiyun Crane 2 with the Sonya6300


Latest articles about (my) equipment

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