Learning from mistakes PT. I

Learning from mistakes PT. I

Last week I watched some films/videos I’ve made and I considered that I have to start to write something about “learning from mistakes”. I’ll just write them down in the order they come in my mind.

Let’s begin:

1. Never forget the whitebalance

I spent hours and hours infront of my computer display just to get the colors “normal”. That’s because I forgot to check the whitebalance or (that’s worse) I was to lazy. Don’t get me worng. I love colorcorrection and color design for my films but not with clips having the wrong white or black…

2. Never underestimate the lighting in your setting

In my early films I never pay attention in lights on the set. I just thought “natural light it’s enough”. But in most of the situations it isn’t. With light you can form a body or face and make it threedimensional. You can also “form” moods for your films and get for example a dark/horror mood or a positive happy happy look. So decide before you start shooting what look you want and make it happen. I also don’t forget: Lighting takes time!

3. Not making brakes results in mistakes.

In my last (professional) projects I allowed the custumer to stress me and don’t let me and my team get any brakes until we were finished. Later in postproduction I have to correct different mistakes we made. Wrong lighting, wrong whitebalance, something in the background,… Don’t get stressed and don’t get unconcentrate – take brakes!

4. Controll your picture more than ones

This is one hard lesson I’ve learned. You sit down on your desk and looking forward to get your film cutted, you check the pictures and you recognize different mistakes in the picture. Your protagonist shirt is transparent, theres is some ugly reflection in the background, you can see somebody of your team reflecting, you can see the microphone in the picture, or the picture hasen’t the perfect sharpness…

unsharp picture…uuuhh

So most of the recordings are not to use and in worst case you have to take the shooting again. So spend the time and control your picture more then one time.

to be continued…

And you?

Do youe have made some stupid (or not so stupid) mistakes taking pictures or films? Just comment here!

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