The story behind the story

After filming beachcleaners river clean up Tom from ZeroHero called me and ask me about a meeting because of his new project he was planning. After a few days we’ve met in a cafe in the center of Nürnberg and he told me about his exciting plan. He would like to open up Nürnbergs first store for unpackaged products – in Germany we call it “Unverpacktladen”. For this project he needed a crowdfunding film and so he asked me (and my production company) to help him out. A few weeks later we where shooting for this nice projects in the “Pegnitzauen” in Nürnberg.


Is the first store in Nürnberg for unpacked products. So Arthur and Tom give you the opportunity to shop your daily goods in a sustainable way. Last week I’ve been there and I was more than impressed. The store looks fantastic and was crowded with lots of people interessested in this project/store.

The Event

For our crowdfunding film we organized an “unpacked” picnic in the Pegnitzauen in Nürnberg. So many people came and have had a great time picnicing (and getting filmed by me). It was a lot of fun and it didn’t feel like a job – more than having fun with friends. Thank you for this opportunity Tom!

Equipment etc.

Idea and concept together with Tom. Camera, Postproduction (incl. sounddesign and colorgrading), musicproduction (the song I used), camera: Canon 60d, software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Propellerhead Reason.

What’s next?

Last week I’ve met Tom and Arthur in their store and we all say “Let’s have another project together”. So let’s see 🙂

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