beachcleaner – my first sustainability project

beachcleaner – my first sustainability project


The story behind the story

This was my first sustainability film project I’ve ever made. Anne from and I met after a mutal friend of us – Cengiz from rengyforall – set us up. Anne and the guys from bordnerds planned a rivercleanup on the Rednitz near Nürnberg and ask me filming the whole event.


…”was born during a summer break on a small island with tourist and remote beaches. Somewhere a long the line it has started – the pollution of our beaches, coastlines and oceans. We can not look away anymore, if you see plastic floating around in the waves or stuck on the beach. Just collect it – bin it – feel good!” (quote).

The Event

First I was really impressed how many people come by to help cleaning up the Rednitz. Since the beginning you feel the power of every person willing to do something for our environment. Then I was really impressed how much garbage we’ve found during our 2 hours trip. The people are getting into something like a garbage-rush 😉 and help together to get almost everthing out of the water and the river bank.  (watch the film!)

Equipment etc.

Camera(incl. sound), Postproduction (incl. sounddesign and colorgrading), musicproduction (the song I used), camera: Canon 60d, software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Propellerhead Reason.

Other skills: StandUp Paddling 😉

What’s next?

Anne an the beachcleaner never stop fighting for our environment. And we are planning our next project and I hope I can present you  a new film about this inspiring project soon :-).

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