The Beginning

The Beginning

Let’s start

Today is the day I “have to” start my blog and I don’t know what to say. But I try my best and try to explain why I “have to”…

At beginning of this year (2018) me and my girlfriend went to a great great great vacation to Bali and Lombok. We had a great time there and I just realized that I have to go for more trips like this.  I love our small planet and I want to see everything! So I have to go out and discover…And if I’m lucky I can do my job as a digital nomad everywhere around the world.

sunset at Bingin Beach – Bali 2018

I love films

I also realized that a want to share my passion for filming and films. I love watching films and I love making films. (I’m a professional filmproducer for imagefilms, productfilms and commercials.).

Last but not least I realized that I have to do something for my soul. As I mentioned I love our small planet but if we don’t do anything for this “little guy” he gets sicker and sicker and will die one day – so do we. During my work I’ve met some people really doing something for our planet. Sustainability for life 😉.

plastic in paradise – lombok 2018


So I put two and two together and started this blog where I combinated  all my passiones. I want to report about my sustainability role models and make films about them and there daily fight for our planet. (I’ve already made a few films I’ll show you soon). I’ll start here in my region (Franconia, Bavaria, Nürnberg,…) and hopefully travel around the world and show you almost every 😉 sustainable project worth to report on.

So if you have a projekt, product, idea,… you want to be shown here and in a film don’t be shy and contact me or leave a comment.


THX for reading :-*


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