and welcome to jan-carl.de. I will try to:

…make a contribution to a cure world, reporting about my personal sustainability role models.

…share my passion for filming with you

…give you an understanding of photography (as good as I can ;-)).

Feel free searching around and contact me.

Yours Jan

Nürnberg 2018

Latest blog articles

  • Travel Video – Bali/Lombok Hey there! I just finished my (first) travel video from our trip to Bali and Lombok, Indonesia. Not much to tell except: INSPIRING. Enjoy! Jan
  • Learning from mistakes PT. I Last week I watched some films/videos I’ve made and I considered that I have to start to write something about “learning from mistakes”. I’ll just write them down in the order they come in my mind. Let’s begin: 1. Never forget the whitebalance I spent hours and hours infront of my computer display just to get the colors ...
  • ZeroHero The story behind the story After filming beachcleaners river clean up Tom from ZeroHero called me and ask me about a meeting because of his new project he was planning. After a few days we’ve met in a cafe in the center of Nürnberg and he told me about his exciting plan. He would like to ...
  • beachcleaner – my first sustainability project    The story behind the story This was my first sustainability film project I’ve ever made. Anne from beachcleaner.de and I met after a mutal friend of us – Cengiz from rengyforall – set us up. Anne and the guys from bordnerds planned a rivercleanup on the Rednitz near Nürnberg and ask me filming the whole event. Beachcleaner …”was born during ...
  • The Beginning Let’s start Today is the day I “have to” start my blog and I don’t know what to say. But I try my best and try to explain why I “have to”… At beginning of this year (2018) me and my girlfriend went to a great great great vacation to Bali and Lombok. We had a great ...